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Multi-factorial cause of disease is not so complex . . . and question everything.  Even consensus.

CoVid-19 is a coronavirus : what does it mean
: it is a 'large particle', resistant to damage and can not be killed by (anti-bacterial) antibiotics

The virus is very contagious
: spreading by cough, sneeze, spit and contact

Answers, but still many questions
: the scientific and medical community are still struggling with all the unknown

The essential vitamin effect : Vitamin D sunshine hormone, K1 and K2, and other vitamins
sunshine and other ways of prevention: there are clear merits;  good health counts

The essential trace mineral effect : Na, Mg, K and other mineral salts
poor water quality, mono-crop soil erosion and nutrition

The biome effect : the importance of looking after the gut bacteria
foreign food and drink, antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals

The risk of chronic disease  : the importance of maintaining health
cancer and chronic disease with immuno-depressing treatments, frail old age, uncontrolled diabetes have high risk of death


The coronavirus. 

I tweeted 08/04/2020 @dentistLareman : "So this was written about SARS-CoV (-1) in 2004. Did we learn anything from it? Are we re-inventing the wheel regarding #SARS_COV_2? See last paragrapgh. #Covid_19SA   Learn from this pandemic.  It will happen again. Uphold the constitution. Be prepared!"

The following open access paper : Systematic Comparison of Two Animal-to-Human Transmitted Human Coronaviruses: SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV

1. The timeline in Figure 1 is not of the same scale and is not a true depiction of the history as on February 4, 2020.
2. November is the month to expect a new Novel coronavirus epidemic (becoming a pandemic).
3. Human Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (1) Disease 2003.
4. Human Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus  2 Disease 2019.


Symptoms of the coronavirus infection. 

1. The common viral flu is rarely responsible for the influenza itself.  The influenza compromising the lungs is usually a bacterial infection. 
2. In the case of the coronavirus it is the same virus itself that cause the influenza.
3. Many patients are sub-clinical not even aware of the symptoms.
4. Higher temperature above 36.9 C .  A temperature above 38 C must be seen as a condition orange (my idea; not a clinical concept).  Above 39 C is a condition red (serious).  Test every morning.
5. A dry cough. Have not had it myself so I can not explain the experience of a dry cough.
6. Other flu symptoms are not that common. Malaise; a general body ache as experienced with a normal flu.  Runny nose. Upset gut.


The viral load. 

Question: The coronavirus is in the throat for a long time, 3-4 days, hijacking the mucosa cells, replicating.
Is it possible to wash down this viral load
as often as possible out of the throat with a warm beverage?
Heat breaks down fat.  Heat denatures protein. Heat removes mucus or phlegm.
Does the virus like a mucus or a dry throat environment?

How is it possible to prevent the virus from going down the throat into the respiratory passages, trachea, bronchus (bronchitis), alveoli (pneumonia).
Is it about getting rid of the mucus (discretely)? Is it the immuno-response that eventually kick in  (or not up to standard)?

It is the irresponsible action of others that will spread the disease and the chance to get infected is very high once it is in the your neighbourhood!
1. Not washing hands and touching the face.
2. Just do not touch any public surfaces; be aware.
3. Not wearing a mask (very important when symptomatic coughing; see 5.).
4. Social distancing and just keep a space between yourself and other at all times.
5. Not informing others  and not going in isolation for at least 14 days.


Prevention and common infection control. 

Tip: If the reason sounds logic, it could be of benefit.  Still it could, may or  . . . should work?

Tip: Accept tips with caution.

It is as irresponsible to downplay any possible non-damaging good advice (as fake) and not see some (little) positive behind it.  here the BBC points out that  (and read between the lines too please) . . .
1. Garlic does have health claims, but . . . BBC should have pointed out garlic is healthy 'in moderation'.   Tip: Crushing it between the fingers will keep the fingers away from the face.
2. The use of MMS (contains chlorine dioxide) should be questioned.  Agree that MMS is not of benefit until proven (although I have no knowledge about this product).
3. Home-made sanitizer, in short supply, is better than none; soft to the hands (skin) is important, but the 60%+ alcohol is essential  . . . try it.
4. Drinkable colloidal silver; silver is an element that has no relevance inside the body.  Agree that silver has anti-microbial properties, but it does not stay in the throat  (I have no knowledge about this product).
5. Drinking enough water is important when ill . . .  even if it does not clean the throat from the virus. Do it.
6. Drinking hot beverage / water often; heat disinfects the container.  How long does it take the virus to penetrate the mucosal cell? There is no scientific proof yet, that heat does not  have an effect on the viral load in the throat . . . try it. There is nothing wrong with a nice hot cup of tea.
6. The non-UNICEF claim gets the attention; the sun does have a disinfecting effect on outside surfaces.  The sun is good for the production of vitamin D, which is good for general health (in a deficient population).  Do it.

Articles about stability testing the SARS-CoV-2 virus in different environmental conditions are few.

Reduction in infective titre (22 C, relative humidity 65%):
General good disinfection practices: 5 minutes.
Printing paper < 3 hours.
Treated wood  and cloth < 2 days
Glass and banknote < 4 days
Stainless steel and plastic < 7 days
Surgical mask outer layer < 7 days

The sun, the UV effect  in conclusion . . . not enough data available.
Table 5. TMV-RNA exposed for 71 minutes to ' laboratory light ' / sunlight allowed for a 37% survival of the virus. The sun is more effective in summer. Should one claim it does not help at all!

The sun, the heat effect.  Reading conflicting reasons why people get the flu in winter.  In many cases the text (by so called experts) make contradicting conclusions.
Winter (below 10 C?) - - cold air is dry - - damage to mucosal surfaces??  In 30-40 C summer circumstances, I am pretty sure that the air is dry and the sun kills any virus!

Question: What ammonia and alcohol based wipes to clean surfaces regularly?
1. Ammonia is a strong 'soap', harsh on skin, but very effective on surfaces.  Do not mix with hypochlorite bleach.
2. Alcohol (60%+) gels and wipes could work, but many cloth wipes products are very dry (cheap) quickly.  Hospital grade are better.
3. Dish washing soap could work well to wash hands. Some also harsh on skin.
4. Soap and water best, wash for at least 20 seconds and dry with disposable paper towel.

Tip: do not touch your face with that unwashed hand; do not use the onion hand.
If you do not like the onion or garlic fingers, use Sambok ointment on the hands as reminder.
Once the hands are washed, do not touch any public industrial surface, especially indoors.

Tip: cold food and drinks, utensils, allow the virus to survive long enough.  Logic reason?
Is there really a question about the effect of heat on the virus. Protein denatures at 41 C . That is why a high fever of that magnitude will cause organ failure and kill a person.
Infections always cause CALOR; an increase of temperature to fight off the infection.  Can the virus survive a hot surface for long?
It seems that SARS-CoV-2 is quite resistant against heat. The protective build of the capsule of protein and fat is extremely resistant.
Food coming from an oven on a hot plate, hot beverage in a hot cup, a mask ironed with a hot steam iron are examples where no virus can survive.

Question: does the soap remove the virus from the skin (hands) only  or  does the soap also denature the fatty/protein 'crown' layer surrounding the virus RNA?
Washing the hands regularly is standard practice and part of the most basic and an easy to implement infection control measure. That is it for now.

Other claims: 

The acid claim:  Apple cider vinegar does not lower the viral load.  It could, as does lemons, have an alkaline effect, thus improving general health.  Fruit in general does not.  Too much sugar.

The alkaline claim:  Bicarbonate of soda NaHCO3 does not kill the virus, neither lower the viral load.  It does however increase consumption of sodium (as in table salt NaCl ),  which carries the risk of higher blood pressure (debatable).  Gargling maybe.

The low carbohydrate claim: Is a body in ketonic state, better off in surviving an infection.  No solid data available, although many claim that with better health markers, a healthier condition will fight off a disease better. Anecdotal.  

The WHO themselves did not learn much from the SARS-CoV (-1) epidemic in 2003.  Their claim that mask weir has no benefit in the spread of the virus was a blunder.  They upheld that view until April 3, 2020.  Long after that the general public still debated about this issue.  The view is that with a mask, even a DIY home made mask the principle of  "I protect you and you protect me" is respectful and there is no doubt about the value.  With social distancing and good infection control protocol of washing the hands, do not tough the face and surrounding public surfaces the spread of the virus can significantly be slowed down (to flatten the curve).

Statin drug therapy and Covid-19.  Is it the underlying disease or the drug? The following research claim that cholesterol-lowering statin drugs may hold promise against coronavirus infections.  Our ran with this suggestion.  This has its origin from the article in Cardiology Magazine (American College of Cardiology) March 18, 2020 by Salim S Virani, MD, FACC. Totally observational with healthy user bias is the comment.
Reading a Rapid Response March 25, 2020  publication in the BMJ the warning is out that cholesterol-lowering drugs  may  worsen  the  outcome of a Covid-19 infection.  According to Hu et al. serum cholesterol is significantly lower among Chinese patients with Covid-19.  LDL partake in the immune system by adhering to and inactivating almost all types of  microorganisms and their toxic  products.
The clinical data about cholesterol is hidden by Big-Pharma.  The real clinical picture on health shows that for a healthy individual the fasting lipogram  HDL should be high, the Triglyceride (most relevant) low. Within those two values, the (high) LDL is irrelevant when it comes to CVD.  If the correlating fasting glucose and fasting insulin values are normal (low) as well, it means optimum health is due to optimum diet.

Knowing the fact that most Covid-19 icu and deaths are (old and heavy weight) diabetics, it means diabetic high glucose (attached to red blood cells) negatively affect capillary blood vessels of blood vessels ( vasa vasorum) and organs thus CVD, heart disease, kidney disease and gangrene of extremities is the result.

Early in April I made the effort to visit some sites belonging to countries' Diabetic Associations.  I found that even after evidence is showing that diabetes is a major co-morbid condition to end up in icu or dead their voices of reason are quiet about the fact. So  I tweeted @dentistLareman : "Why is every diabetes organization shying away from the fact that diabetes, especially uncontrolled diabetes, higher glucose is a co-morbid condition with higher fatal outcome when infected with CoViD-19. Epidemiology usually their biggest defence against LCHF. Not now? Guilty."

Dr Roth @mrc314 response was spot on: "Because said facts are quite inconvenient to the organizations' sponsors!"

Scientist just do not (want to) know . . . do they.


Immuno-soldiers of the body.  A cascade of reactions. 

My tweet @dentistLareman: "The options with CoViD-19: A. Vaccinate (there is none). B. Eat healthy food and boost the natural immunity.
What is happening: No talk about healthy food. Just carbs. Stockpile and and eat unhealthy foods. More dry carbs. Stay indoors out of the sun. No vitamin D. No immunity."

General health and immunity.
1. Eat well.
2. Meat is the most nutritious dense. It is protein. Highly bio-available. It contains healthy fats. Read your Bible. Animal fat is healthy. The energy from fat is different from the energy from sugar.
3. Vegetables and fruit are fresh, but most fruit are high in glucose and fructose.  To much sugar availability is excess energy. The body does not waste. Too much is converted to fat (the effect of insulin).
4. The lower broad base of of the diet triangle are carbohydrates, which will be used by the body in the form of glucose. Glucose is a sugar.
5. The body is evolutionary not programmed to use (high volumes of) vegetable oils.  Vegetable oils, as do excess sugar, place the body in an inflammatory state.

6. Cholesterol eventually is chemically changed to Vitamin D, but for the final chemical reaction sun exposure of the skin is essential.  There are food sources of vitamin D.  Cold water sardines are a good example.  So do eggs.  The immunological health is very dependant on an optimal level of vitamin D.  Supplementation with D3 (not D2).

7. Bio-availability is highest from animal source. Vitamin A (animal liver)(plant yellow vegetables), vitamin B (animal - - -)(plant - - -), C (animal liver)(plant vegetables, fruit - - -), D (animal cod liver)(plant - - -   ), E (animal - - -)(plant - - -)
Vitamin B12 have only animal food as source.  Liver, red meat (red blood cells), oyster, eggs.  The only other source is as a supplement.  Luckily it takes some time to become deficient, the body does not need much, but the effect is big.  The health of the stomach (intrinsic factor) and the gut (flora) is paramount.  Pharmaceuticals does have a negative effect on absorption, so does any gastric bypass surgery.

8. Minerals.  Fe (Iron from meat), Zn (Sink)

Environmental poison.
1. Immune depressing (cascading effect of) drugs.
2. Agricultural poison and GMO (but not all GMO).
3. Deteriorating river and ocean health (heavy metals, poison and micro-plastic).
4. Air pollution from industry (and not cows!).

1. An honest opinion is not allowed by the psycho trolls and sockpuppets. I am still going to take the chance. I am not anti-vax.  I have them, so does my kids.
2. Vaccinations work. My question is: what is the best age? Should we not wait a little longer as most children are early immune from the colostrum from the mother?
3. What vaccinations are important (essential) and what are not so essential? Measles is highly infectious. Tuberculoses is only prevalent in certain communities.
4. What are the legal and ethical requirement of the pharmaceutical companies.  Are these regulations being watered down because of panic situations?
5. Will the FDA maintain its trust from the general public?

Treatment of the flu symptoms.
1. Hygiene and self-isolation.
2. Sleep and rest.
3. Drink enough water.
4. Do not stress and breathe.
5. Eat when really hungry. Do not consume excess energy. The body sometimes asks for a period of fasting (not hungry).
6. Your Grandmothers recipe of that chicken broth soup. High in good fats and cartilage.
7. Steam tent with mint and other herbs.
8. Lozenge (Zn) the sore throat.
9. Sun charge that Vitamin D .
10. Sleep and rest.


The Immunoglobulin M / IgM antibody. 


The Immunoglobulin G / IgG antibody. 


 Recovery and immunological resistance. 

You will be immune to this strain of virus. 
Any mutation change to this virus and you will get (minor change/ minor-)  (major change / major-) sick again.

It all depends on if the body recognise this strain as previous in contact with or totally new. That is why this is a Novel SARS-CoV-2. Brand new.



 Pulmonary fibrosis.

a very late stage, but if survived (the pneumonia), a very disabling chronic condition.



An epidemic.

a .


A pandemic.

a .