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Disclaimer of a free spirit writer.

Passionate about health: initiation date of this page 30/06/2017

"I believe in a responsible healthy lifestyle. I agree with access to affordable health care for all. The NHISA white paper is not a fair assessment and long term solution as long as corruption and stealing from the government coffers is not being taken seriously. Secondly the effect of the Rand as a weak currency, and payment in strong dollar, pound, etc towards all modern health related products imported from the well established educated, engineering, manufacturing world seems to be ignored and make the NHISA unaffordable for that reason. Thirdly another TAX burden for those that earn."  Dr Ronald Lareman

Corruption: [noun] 1. dishonest or fraudulant conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery
synonyms: dishonesty, deceit, deception, duplicity, double-dealing, fraud, misconduct, crime
2. the process by which a word or expression is changed from its original state to one regarded as erroneous or debased
synonyms: alteration, falsification, manipulation, misrepresentation.

29 June 2017 : Minister of Health of South Africa Dr Pakishe Aaron Matsoaledi says the National Health Insurance NHI will be compulsory for all South African citizens.  The white paper was approved by Cabinet the previous week and the shall be gazetted on Friday and it may be fully operational by 2025.

So what did I find to date (these notable links where there on this day of page edit date 29/06/2017 !) on the internet about the National Health Insurance of South Africa


1. A 'jumped the gun' ? url domain address of reference (private (procurement?) / not government), but centralised information

2. The South African Government

3. Department of Health

4. The white paper on the NHISA

5. SA health news service

6. The South African Medical Journal Vol 103 No 3 (2013) : NHI: the first 18 months.

7. NHI First 18 months

8. Politics web article: NHI White Paper: The HSF's analysis (2016)

9. Foundation for Human Rights (power point analysis)

10. Peoples Health Movement : Young Peoples recommendations on the NHI

11. The South African Dental Association : submission of comments on the NHI

12. The South African Society of Psychiatrists

13. The Cancer Alliance

14. Innovative Pharmaceutical association South Africa : Department of Health

15. SA Medical Device Industry Association [Matsoaledi: "  " ]

16: Andre Jacobs FPI [Matsoaledi: "  " ]

17. Health24 : NHI: Economic suicide for doctors? [2013]

18. News24 : NHI compulsory for all South Africans - Matsoaledi

19. Health24 : No more tax breaks for medical aid members?

20. MyNews24 : Why are they opposing National Health Insurance?


Opinion abstract:>

National Health Insurance: A lofty ideal in need of cautious, planned implementation
Leandra Amado, final-year medical student
Nicholas Christofides, final-year medical student
Raymond Pieters, BSc Hons, final-year medical student
Jody Rusch, BSc, final-year medical student
Steve Biko Centre for Bioethics, School of Clinical Medicine, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
Corresponding author:
L Amado ( : published in the South African Journal of Bioethics and Law
The implementation of the National Health Insurance in South Africa is a noble attempt to address the inequities and scarcities of healthcare resources in the country. However, while South Africa’s status as a developing country does not preclude the success of universal healthcare, as evidenced by certain international models, its success is threatened by corruption, mismanagement of resources, and poor-quality institutions. Rather than build a new system on poor foundations, existing facilities need to be overhauled. Increased transparency, as well as improvement in challenges such as cleanliness, personnel attitudes, and long waiting times may secure public ‘buy-in’. Without these and other changes, public confidence will not be inspired – and, even more importantly, the system may fail in its goal of bringing about equitable resource allocation and improved healthcare.

S Afr J BL 2012;5(1):4-10.

My opinion (and some references):

Concern 1: The private healthcare practitioner

Concern 2: The future of the Medical Scheme

Concern 3: Transparency of the NHISA and public participation

Concern 4: Management of the NHI

Concern 5: Modern up-to-date equipment procurement, financing, upkeep, servicing and operation

Concern 6: Private day clinics and hospitals

Concern 7: Shared responsibility ; medical legal

Concern 8: The right to protest : reasonable working hours and fair remuneration for professionals and auxiliary staff  to ensure good medical care 24/7

Concern 9: No interest of the public in a responsible healthy lifestyle : bad eating habits, no exercise, promiscuity, fighting among each other causing physical and emotional injury.


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Edition date  04/09/2017