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Ronald Lareman
I have always been interested in someday working in the medical field.  I graduated at the University of Stellenbosch with a B.Sc degree in Microbiology and Genetics. There after I was accepted as a student at the Dental School of the University of Pretoria.  After graduation I had the opportunity to work for one year at 1 Military Hospital and four months in Oshakati, SWA (Namibia). 

Since 1990 I have a dental practice in Mosselbaai.  Stress has always been part of this profession and healthy living is a must.    Living in a coastal town gave rise to a involvement with the MBYBC sailing a Hobie 14 and an interest in a marine aquarium (at my practice). 

As a student in Stellenbosch I started training in the Martial Arts.  Initially Karate-Do, later Kushido but as a 3rd Dan I left the system.  I pursue as many Martial Arts (tai chi chuan, karate, grappling, weapons) as possible and study and teach the art of Wu Tai Chi Chuan.  I find of special interest the origins of the Martial Art, the link between tai chi chuan and Okinawan techniques and eventually minimizing to the most effective. It is all about movement and balance.

On an aerobic level time permitting I also enjoy an odd cycle every now and then.

As a hobby the development of web sites gives me the opportunity to be creative, not only in dentistry, but also in art. Together with my wife Mitch this lead to Mdesign, doing business in whatever interest us.

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