The official pages were first created and were maintained since 1997 
by Ronald Lareman

who became a member of the MBYBC in 1990,
served from 1992 until 1998 on the Sailing Committee
1998 MBYBC Heraldic logo designer and registrant
1996,1997,1998 Rear-commodore: Sailing
1997,1998 MBYBC Vice-commodore
1999, 2000, 2002 MBYBC Commodore
2008 Special Investigation Committee member

Took it on myself to upkeep the Club constitution since 1996
2008/9 Constitution Committee Chairperson
and involved until 2012.

MBYBC web site was first created in 12-10-1997 at the url
The web domain was registered in 1998
and kept up to date by myself until 2012.

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Since 1956

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